TakeBackNaija is a citizen-based movement aimed at promoting only good and credible candidates for elective positions in Nigeria

We believe that we can save Nigeria

TAKEBACKNAIJA, a movement aimed at selecting and electing the most suitable candidates in all executive offices in government. We tend to go from Local government areas to States and up to the Presidential level to selecting and endorsing preferred candidates that are fit to carry out the tasks before them.

We believe you share the same goals and dreams like ours, where life would be accessible to every citizen of Nigeria.

We hope to see a collective effort from everyone under this umbrella to choose what is best for our nation. We sure hope to select only candidates that are eligible to serve the citizens, those with the ability to thrive positively in good governance when given a chance.

How to help?

become a volunteer

We at TakeBackNaija choose to no longer sit on the fence and do nothing about the situations bedevilling our nation Nigeria but to speak up and rise to the occasion for our sakes and that of generations to come.

Volunteerism is a powerful force, and vehicle for making change happen in our world. It has the potential to help this movement deliver upon it’s vision for a working Nigeria, where life as a Nigerian has meaning because we choose competent leaders across boards to oversea the affairs of this nation.

We therefore invite you to move from being a onlooker to being a change maker with us.

TakeBackNaija Movement aims to mobilize 10million Nigerian youths to register and collect their PVCs by the end of 2022”.

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