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Peter Obi Stresses Other Presidential Candidates for the Good of Nigerian Polity

If there is anything that the presidential candidate of the Labour Party for the 2023 election HE Peter Obi has shown class and example in, since the race for the next helmsman in Aso Rock started some months ago, it is his principled commitment to focus his campaign on issues and never discuss persons. Unfortunately, that has made him the punch bag of the other candidates who for not being able to stay on issues, resort to ‘argumentum ad hominem’ against HE Peter Obi.

Their frustration is understandable because the former Governor of Anambra State has raised the bar of electioneering campaign to such an exalted intellectual pedestal that is too stressful for those of them who have been used to the old order campaign of braiding women’s hair in salons, roasting corn by the road side, sharing cups of rice and bromate-saturated loaves of bread, etcetera, to measure up with. They are finding this season tough.

When they try to play catch-up with the former Chairman of Fidelity Bank, HE Mr Peter Obi, they are stressed out. The fondly called Okwute is so simple, original and authentic. With his simple dress style, he looks classy and cool, and those who struggle to catch up with his elegance, end up throwing themselves into oversize coats; swimming and sweating profusely.

The Alumnus of Harvard Business School, Oxford and Cambridge, HE Mr Peter Obi travelled abroad to engage Nigerians in diaspora, and in matter of days, he had toured three continents and spoken in over ten cities to large audiences not less than five hundred each. Those who play catch up have since been roaming the streets of Washington DC taking photos and making a mess of themselves.

Just few days ago, the vice presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Mr Shettima had an opportunity to speak of what the BAT-Shettima ticket means for Nigeria, to an audience they picked since they are scared of facing Nigerians through the media, but he blew it up because he spent his time gossiping about Peter Obi. I felt sorry for Shettima, who is fast gaining reputation like Adams Oshiomhole in the league of those whose mouths move ahead of their brains. I enjoin Nigerians to put Datti and Shettima side by side in all indices of assessment and see who would be sweating profusely to catch up. Lest we forget, the same Shettima mentioned, said that incumbent Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo should be selling ice cream rather than aspiring to lead Nigeria. Imagine Shettima squaring up with Yemi Osinbajo, a seasoned Professor of Law. It shows how low the one under whose watch Boko Haram carted our Chibok girls into the bush, can descend for politics.

Celestine Kezie Jr writes for PO Express Media, POEM.

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