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Mr Peter Obi is Causing a Resurgence of Patriotism in Nigerians

By Celestine Kezie Jr

“Datti and I are not running for presidency, you Nigerians are the ones running for presidency through us”.

Those are the words of the Labour Party’s Presidential candidate for the 2023 election, HE Peter Obi that has sparked a resurgence of patriotism across Nigeria. The 2023 election will be very different from anything we have known in recent decades because Nigerians are in a fight for their lives, the future of their children and the survival of the country. Never in the history of Nigeria has there been such a chastisement of Nigerians with acute poverty, terrorism, banditry, ethno-religious divisions and brazen corruption.

Consequently, as 2023 election draws near, Nigerians are awakening to the truth that in time existential threat as we are in, partisanship will have to defer to patriotism. When you hear a sitting president whose political party has a horse in the race tell Nigerians to vote for whoever they want to vote for, when you see patriotic groups like “PDP 4 Peter Obi” spring up, when you see high ranking members of the ruling party and main opposition party openly campaigning for HE Peter Obi who is running against their own parties’ presidential candidates, then know ye that a revolution is imminent and a New Nigeria is on the horizon.

Celestine writes for PO Express Media- POEM

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