TakeBackNaija is a citizen-based movement aimed at promoting only good and credible candidates for elective positions in Nigeria


TAKEBACKNAIJA is a people-oriented grassroots movement aimed at galvanizing and building a coalition of like-minded progressives that advocate for good governance in Nigeria. We are a diverse group of young people from across all tribes, regions, religions, and tongues united by one purpose – A Nigeria that works for everyone!

Our goal is to identify, endorse, and support visionary, competent, and impeccably qualified political office aspirants in Nigeria irrespective of their political party’s affiliations.

To achieve this would require a collective effort, commitment, and sacrifice. Hence, we call on every well-meaning Nigerian both at home and in the diaspora to be part of this people’s movement that is aimed at birthing a better Nigeria for all. You can volunteer, sponsor, or donate to help the TBN achieve its objectives.

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